Living Overseas is easy with i-Assist

We have been using the services of i-Assist since 2009 when we relocated from Australia to Italy and we are absolutely delighted with the service provided by Cathy White and her team.

I had worked closely with Cathy for the 8 years prior when she was the Personal Assistant to both the Chief Executive and myself (as Chairman) of one of Australia’s leading Information Technology companies. I therefore had first-hand knowledge of her talents, but more importantly her ability to handle delicate and sensitive issues within the mandatory requirement of absolute confidentiality.

We have entrusted Cathy and her team with the management of all of our personal needs, including maintenance of all Family Trust and self-managed Superannuation Fund records using a well known software package. This requires her to enter a variety of transactions for a substantial investment portfolio and prepare all necessary reports for our accounting firm so that they can finalise and submit all taxation returns. All required tasks have been completed in a timely and truly professional manner.

Clearly, you do not “expose” your personal information to anyone that you can’t trust implicitly … and we are totally confident in using Cathy as our conduit to all of our professional advisors in Australia. Likewise, they have the same level of confidence and this translates into a highly efficient and cost effective service.

All of our mail is directed to the i-Assist Post Office box and Cathy is authorised to open and assess all mail. We then receive a regular (minimum monthly) ‘Mail Run’ email detailing all information received, with scanned copies of any invoices to be paid and documents requiring my attention.

And when we return to Australia for a visit, the i-Assist team attend to all of our travel, car hire and local accommodation needs.

As you can see, we entrust Cathy and her team with very private and sensitive information … and we are delighted with the service they provide.

We would encourage you to take advantage of their services, release yourself from the ‘worry’ of critical and time-consuming tasks and allow yourself to enjoy life … no matter where you may live.

We would be happy to elaborate on our “partnership” with i-Assist and would welcome a telephone call (+61 403 603 550) or an email (stevehowe1947@gmail.com).

Wishing you every success,

Steve and Cynthia Howe
Australian Expatriates Residing in Italy


Support for a New-Business Start-up

I engaged the services of i-Assist in the establishment of a new beauty salon – Entirely Beautiful.

Cathy and her team were able to provide a number of services, including:

  • Research and advice on possible premises
  • Hiring of new employees and the provision of information on the appropriate award rates, along with the preparation of employment contracts
  • Design and production of all our marketing materials – such as signage, brochures (click here to see an example), appointment / business cards and flyers.

I would highly recommend Cathy and the i-Assist team for the multitude of services that they can provide.  I was thoroughly delighted and will definitely use them again for future work!

Leah Andrea
Founder – Entirely Beautiful (now trading as L’indulgence)


Making Presentations More Powerful

I give presentations to major international businesses on leadership/risk and governance as well as guest lecturing for MBA classes, often at short notice.

I use the services of Cathy at i-Assist to help me with many of my Powerpoint presentations.
My content is good but my presentation needs greater impact and that’s where i-Assist solves many problems for me.

Cathy is always on-hand to help out … and to make my life easier! In fact, Cathy has set up a template for me to use, so that a lot of the problems I often experience are resolved up front … and creating new presentations is really easy.

Kevin Osborn
Director – Pateka Pty Ltd


Expr3ss! loves i-Assist!

Expr3ss! is a simple-to-use, affordable, web-based. total recruitment solution for businesses of all sizes and complexities. Expr3ss! provides an intelligent, reliable and secure web presence that enhances employer branding.

The unique Expr3ss! methodology goes far beyond simple “automation” of the application and CV collection (often on insecure “careers” pages tacked on to a corporate website).

Expr3ss! provides real-time selection processes that quickly identify the *stars* (quality applicants) who will fit the job, organisation, culture and team dynamics. Expr3ss! delivers all this in just a few minutes, well before an interview is even contemplated. Making the most of proven, researched selection methods Expr3ss! speedily identifies the quality people, minimising time wasted on inappropriate applicants.

Expr3ss! values the services of i-Assist’s help with a number of both on-going and targeted projects: research projects that assist with our growth as well as day-to-day administrative tasks requiring prompt, accurate attention to meet customer expectations.

We benefit from i-Assist’s understanding of the importance of deadlines. You need work done in a time-frame to meet demand and expectations and i-Assist delivers!

Often when delegating a task to others, they perform merely “to instruction”. It is so refreshing to have i-Assist not only do the job as asked but improve upon it. Now that’s what I call pro-active intelligent support!

Carolyne Burns
Joint Founder and Managing Director – Expr3ss! Pty Ltd


Quality of Work

One of our clients has engaged i-Assist to manage all transactions for their Family Trust and Self-Managed Superannuation Fund while they are overseas for an extended period. This requires i-Assist to post all transactions using a well known accounting package, reconcile all bank accounts and produce a comprehensive portfolio of information from which our firm can finalise all taxation returns and complete the audit of the Superannuation Fund.

We report that we were able to complete the various taxation returns and the audit of the Superannuation Fund based on the information submitted by i-Assist without the need to call for further information. i-Assist is to be complemented for the quality and completeness of their work.

Benjamin LT Miels FCA
Managing Partner – Edwards Marshall Pty Ltd