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Cathy is an accomplished Executive Personal Assistant with the organisational ability, initiative, natural flair and an eye for detail needed to assist with your day-to-day requirements. She has developed an excellent knowledge of most modern technology tools and uses these to deliver the majority of services from her own office. People who use technology in this way and who operate remotely from their clients are sometimes called a Virtual Assistant. The section Frequently Asked Questions provides an insight into this role.

Cathy always operated in professional manner and built fantastic relationships with all of our customers. Her skill sets are very high and I would recommend her to any person looking to utilise her talents.
Andrew McAdams
National Sales Director, Red Rock Consulting

Having the skill is one thing … attitude is another. The success of i-Assist can be largely attributed to the “can do” attitude of Cathy and her team.


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The only true measure of trustworthiness is the level of confidence expressed by clients.

Clearly, you do not “expose” your personal information to anyone that you can’t trust implicitly … and we are totally confident in using Cathy as our conduit to all of our professional advisors in Australia.
Steve & Cynthia Howe
Australian Expatriates Residing in Italy

i-Assist manages the personal and financial affairs (including the management of private share portfolios) for a number of clients in conjunction with their appointed professional advisors. The sensitivity of this type of information demands the highest degree of confidentiality, discretion and trust.


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Cathy has over 15 years of relevant business experience, having worked in a variety of positions and at all organisational levels, including Personal Assistant to the Chief Executive and Chairman of the Board.

Cathy has executive level secretarial and clerical experience working in the following industries:

  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Information Technology
  • Customer Service / Help Desk
  • Defence
  • Employment Services
  • Medical
  • Hospitality

Even if the i-Assist team does not have direct experience in the area you require, they have a great research capability which enables them to quickly develop solutions for their clients. However, they will always be honest about their capability and will never place you (or themselves) at risk.

Quick to Respond

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Most of the services that i-Assist is requested to perform are time sensitive. Therefore Cathy and her team are conscious of the need to respond quickly to any request for service.

Services provided by i-Assist for some clients are required to be delivered within pre-agreed timeframes. i-Assist will be happy to discuss any performance-based criteria with you if this is critical to your needs

Meeting Deadlines

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“i-Assist understands the importance of deadlines. You need work done in a time frame to meet demand and expectations and i-Assist does it!
Carolyne Burns
Managing Director, Expr3ss! Pty Ltd

Effective Communication

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Cathy has a unique ability to “own” and manage long-term relationships. She has strong communication skills and her personal commitment and drive have led to a high level of credibility through all of her professional relationships.

The i-Assist team will agree an appropriate communication protocol and frequency with you at the beginning of the engagement. It will be extremely rare if you have to contact i-Assist to find out the status of your work … as they recognise that pro-active communication is critical to your peace of mind and continued confidence in them.

Value for Money

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i-Assist are very easy to do business with. They offer flexible engagement plans and their rates are highly competitive.

The i-Assist team is conscious that service contracts will only be renewed or extended if the client continually feels they are getting value for the fees paid.

Personalised Service

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Cathy manages the communication process with every client. This personal service provides the consistency that client’s seek and ensures that you are always “talking” with the principal of i-Assist. This structure also makes sure that nothing “falls between the cracks”.